Apply for Endorsement®


STEP 1 – Determine which Endorsement® Category is right for YOU

STEP 2 – Become a MassAIMH Member

Note: Becoming a MassAIMH Member is a requirement to apply for Endorsement®

STEP 3 – Register on MassAIMH EASy

MassAIMH EASy is the portal applicants utilize to complete their Endorsement® applications.

MassAIMH accepts applications for Endorsement® in English and Spanish four times per year. Applicants are welcome to start working on their applications whenever is convenient to them. As you are working on your application, it will take about four hours from start until completion. You are offered support towards the success of completion for your application. Please visit our events page to learn about upcoming deadlines for submitting Endorsement® applications.

STEP 4 – Resources to help submit your Endorsement® Application

Need additional support with your Endorsement® Application? Join us for Endorsement ® Office Hours. Twice a month, Endorsement® Coordinator Kimberley Asare holds virtual office hours to answer questions and discuss Endorsement® with prospective and current applicants and colleagues.

STEP 5 – Submit your Endorsement® Application