Endorsement® Renewal

Endorsement® Renewal Information

NEW!!! Annual Endorsement Renewal is due by 12/31 of each year for all endorsed professionals.

Helpful Tips: 

  • If you submitted your Endorsement Application in 2023, you do NOT need to submit training, Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) hours until 12/31/2024. You only need to keep your membership current.
  • For those endorsed in more than one category of endorsement: You only need to add 15 hours of training and 12 hours of RS/C (if applicable) once. Please enter these into the category with the most requirements, if applicable. Please add a “comment” on the training tab of your other application(s): “Renewal Hours for Endorsement was documented in my XXX Application”.
  • Note for all endorsed professionals: If you were unable to obtain the necessary renewal hours this year, please email massaimh.endorsement@gmail.com so we can talk through your renewal options with you.
  • An active annual MassAIMH membership is required. To renew your membership, click here.
  • There is no endorsement fee at this moment to renew your Endorsement
  • A minimum of 15 clock hours* of continuing education related to the Endorsement competencies each year.
  • A minimum of 12 clock hours of ongoing reflective supervision/consultation (only for those who are Endorsed at a category that requires reflective supervision/consultation).

Endorsement Renewal Instructions:

Step One: Login to EASy Note: Your username is a full email address.

Step Two: Click on  “profile” on the top right to update the following: demographic information, If your membership expiration date is not correct, please edit it. If you have trouble, you can email massaimh.endorsement@gmail.com for assistance.

Step Three: Click on “Applications” on the top left. Click on My Apps/My Applications to access the endorsement category in which you need to renew. If this looks like your old application, you are in the correct place!

Step Four: Click on “Trainings” tab within the column on the left, and enter a minimum of 15 clock hours per year of relationship-based education and training, pertaining to the promotion of social-emotional development and/or the practice of IECMH.

a. Note these do not have to be MassAIMH Trainings. b. For those providing RS/C, you must enter 3 hours of training on the provision of RS/C. c. For conferences, please list the workshop names as a “comment” on the right hand side of the tab- you do NOT need to list each workshop as its own entry; however reviewers do need to know the workshop names to approve.

Note: In 2023, all endorsed professionals must also receive a minimum of one hour of training on DEI; specific to infant and early childhood mental health; as part of the 15 training hours due by 12/31/2024.  

Step Five: Click on “Supervision” tab within the column on the left. If applicable for your specific category of Endorsement, enter a minimum of 12 RS/C hours from 2023 (Required for IFS, ECFS, IMHS & IMHM-C only).  If the hours are from the same provider of RS/C, they can be added as one entry and you do not need to list out each date, just the total sum. Note: In order to count towards Endorsement renewal, the (minimum) 12 hours of RSC should be over the course of at least 6-months.

Step Six: Lastly, you will go to the “Status” tab within the column on the left.  Select Submit Endorsement for Renewal button.

Upon submission: you will receive an automated email from EASy that confirms that your renewal has been submitted. You will receive another automated email from EASy by 2/15/2024 to notify you that your Endorsement® was renewed. The EASy Administrator will contact you if they have any questions about your renewal. 

Applicants who have not renewed by 12/31/2023, will be removed from the MassAIMH Endorsement Registry.