COVID-19: Supporting Young Children, Families, and the EEC Workforce

Presented by Dr. Jayne Singer, President of MassAIMH

Nurturing Children’s Social Emotional Development: A Trauma-Informed Approach

In our community, we center on the question, “how are the children?” The pre-recorded webinar above, created in partnership by MassAIMH, MSPCC, and United Way, is an introduction to some ways to nurture young children’s social emotional wellness and infant mental health using a relationship-focused, equity-centered, trauma-informed approach. This webinar incorporates thinking about how COVID-19 affects our youngest children, including an introduction to the science behind the impact of trauma on young children and some strategies that caregivers and early childhood providers can use to support children in challenging times such as now.

COVID-19: Supporting the Development of Young Children with CHD