Reflective Consultation Offering



The Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership between the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) and the Massachusetts Association for Infant Mental Health (MassAIMH) is pleased to announce a 12-month Reflective Consultation opportunity comprised of web-based group reflection experience with an Endorsed®/ vetted provider and with built-in support throughout the process. This offering is in service of our ongoing commitment to diversify and strengthen the early childhood workforce by creating equitable access to reflective consultation.


The goal of the reflective consultation offering is two fold:
  1. To support reflective consultation requirements towards MassAIMH Endorsement® requirements for applicants who have little to no access to reflective consultation, and
  2. To support the needs of the workforce and build capacity of Reflective Supervisors in the field


The program is designed for anyone doing Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health promotion or prevention work– including, but not limited to, staff working in the following sectors:
  • Home Visiting
  • Early Care and Education
  • Family Child Care
  • Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Child Welfare
  • Early Intervention
  • Child Development
  • Family and Peer Support
  • Policy and Administration
  • Pediatrics
No previous experience providing reflective supervision/consultation is necessary, although it is helpful to have some basic knowledge and understanding of reflective supervision/consultation. To learn more about reflective consultation click here.


  • Experience the essential elements of reflective consultation: to build, sustain, and deepen reflective practice.
  • Broaden understanding and increase confidence in supporting others through reflection.
  • Learn how to implement and sustain RS within their program, which will result in a return in investment and enhanced agency practice for years to come.
  • Receive up to 24 hours of reflective consultation, which would completely meet Reflective Practice requirements for Infant/Early Childhood Family Specialist (Category II) Endorsement®, as well as additional support from MassAIMH in applying for I/ECMH-Endorsement®
  • Connect with peers, broaden professional networks and learn about additional training and professional development to stay connected and continue to develop IMH competencies and skills


  • Each participant will receive up to 24 hours of reflective consultation by an Endorsed® provider. The meetings will be hosted using an online meeting platform.
  • Five to Six member groups will meet twice monthly for 1 hour OR for two hours/ month over a one- year period (24 hour long meetings in total).
  • The groups will begin meeting in March 2021.
  • The monthly reflective consultation hours that participants receive will meet the requirements for reflective supervision for I/ECMH-Endorsement®
  • In turn, the reflective supervision/consultation hours that supervisors provide to their local staff members may prepare staff for their own I/ECMH-Endorsement® application.
  • The reflective consultation offering will also cover costs associated with MassAIMH Endorsement® registration.


  • Participants must be active MassAIMH Members. To learn how to become a MassAIMH member, click here
  • Complete interest application.
  • The Reflective Consultation offering is encouraged for practitioners who have little or no access to RC at their workplace. Master’s prepared professionals who supervise infant/early childhood professionals and are ready to implement reflective supervision within their programs are encouraged to apply.
  • We recognize that many infant/early childhood professionals without a Master’s degree possess the knowledge and values inherent in reflective practice. A Master’s degree is NOT required to participate in the Reflective Consultation offering. We encourage anyone interested to complete the interest application (see below) and emphasize your background, training, experience, and/or personal/professional insights that have led to your interest in participating in the RC offering.
  • MassAIMH is working to promote and expand the delivery of reflective consultation by Endorsed® professionals across the state. This requirement is consistent with I/ECMH Endorsement® standards for Reflective Supervisors.
  • All participants will need to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before participating in the groups.
  • All participants will need to engage in an evaluation component as part of the offering.


The current reflective consultation groups are provided to participants completely free of charge. In an effort to build capacity in the state and promote access to reflective Consultation to those individuals who might not already have comprehensive access to it, MSPCC and MassAIMH, with the generosity of the Boston Children’s Hospital, are absorbing all costs* related to the RC Pilot.

*except as stated in the MOU document if someone misses a session and needs to reschedule


  • Participation supports meeting the RC requirements towards application for Endorsement®, a “quality assurance” measure defining best practice and high quality services, accountability, and consistency.
  • In addition to receiving up to 24 hours of Reflective Consultation from an Endorsed® Professional, participants who take part in the RC Pilot groups will have their fee for MassAIMH Endorsement® registration waived.
  • Support programs to provide services in ways that support healthy parent–child relationships and optimal growth and development.
  • Encourages staff and family wellbeing by promoting supervisor strategies to model positive goal oriented relationships.
  • Address program goals and outcomes along with family goals.
  • Can help reduce the secondary impacts of the work such as burnout, secondary traumatic stress and turnover of staff and maintains the quality and impact of services. *

*Russ, E., Lonne, B., & Lynch, D. (2019). Increasing child protection workforce retention through promoting a relational-reflective framework for resilience. Child Abuse & Neglect, 104245. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2019.104245

We are currently at capacity and are creating a waitlist. Please sign up below using the interest form.

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