RS/C Resources


1. Reflective Supervision/Consultation: Preventing Burnout, Boosting Effectiveness, and Renewing Purpose for Frontline Workers

A new e-book based on research conducted at CEED at the University of Minnesota gives an overview of the growing practice of reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C). In the e-book:

  • Access results of a 31-state landscape survey conducted by the Reflective Practice Center. This survey of current practitioners reveals RS/C’s impact, supports, and barriers to wider adoption.
  • View testimonials from professionals who have benefited from RS/C in their workplace.
  • Learn about tools like the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS), developed at CEED. The RIOS pinpoints the ingredients that make reflective interactions so beneficial.
  • Find out our predictions for the future of RS/C as it relates to the early childhood field.

Download the e-book here