Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC:0-5™)

History of DC: 0-5TM

Massachusetts has long been investing in bringing and disseminating the DC: 0-5™ in our state. Multiple agencies have partnered and blended funding to provide the clinical DC: 0-5™ training since 2017 – Department of Public Health, MassHealth, Boston Public Health Commission, and Department of Mental Health (DMH). In 2020, MassHealth sponsored a Train-the-Trainer which allowed our state to expand its capacity and have 9 state trainers. At the same time, the MassAIMH/MSPCC Partnership and DMH came together to create coordinated support for trainers’ and stakeholders’ communication, develop clinical training plans across the state, along with reflective case consultation and communities of practice.

MA efforts are highlighted below in this article from Zero to Three!

DC: 0-5TM Crosswalk

After several years of work, collaboration with stakeholder groups, and consultation with MassHealth, the MA Crosswalk was published in June 2022. Please click on the image to download the Crosswalk. 

MassHealth has issued a bulletin encouraging the use of developmentally appropriate tools for assessment and supporting the use of the DC: 0-5™ and its crosswalk when working with children under the age of 6. 



Description: Clinical DC: 0-5™ training is designed to support providers in adopting the approach, understanding the multi-axial system, and utilizing the classification system in their work with children from birth through age five. Clinicians will be supported in adopting approaches to diagnosis and assessment that are developmentally informed, relationship-based, and culturally competent.

Length: 12 hours (over the course of 3 days) and 4 hours of Reflective Consultation (over the course of 2 follow-up sessions)

Who is this for: Providers and their team members who will be assessing young children that need a complete understanding of the tool, in order to provide developmentally appropriate, relationship-based, and culturally competent assessment and will be using the Crosswalk to bill for services.

Upcoming Trainings: Upcoming training opportunities will be linked below when registration is open


Description: Overview DC:0-5™ training serves as an overview of DC:0-5™, providing a foundation for understanding this diagnostic system for professionals who work with infants and young children. The training will provide participants with an overview of the background, approach, and content areas of DC:0-5™ and is particularly helpful for allied professionals in understanding the importance of developmentally appropriate diagnostic practices.

Length: Brief overview: 2 hours

Who is this for: This training is a good fit for anyone interested in learning more about this tool; for allied professionals or individuals whose professional role supports the system of care for children from birth through age five; for billing and agency leadership in order to have agency buy-in and understanding of this new approach being introduced to the agency. Some overview trainings may be tailored to specific audiences.

For questions, please e-mail dc05matraining@gmail.com 


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